The Casual Ties are a rock/funk band originally started by Western Illinois University music students. Their debut album, “Dealing Hypotheticals”, showcases their eclectic mix of Funk/Rock/Jazz/Americana. Throughout the nine tracks you will hear three part harmonies, intricate instrumentals, and high-energy solos, all while maintaining a groove that you can’t help but move your feet to.

Whether it’s playing in basements in college towns, or playing at some of Chicago’s most popular music venues, The Casual Ties can put on a good show and that’s what really matters. Their improvisational approach doesn’t distract from the tightness of the tunes, but allows every show to be a unique listening experience. The band has fun on stage, and that can be contagious, leading audiences to clap their hands, dance, and even sing sing along. The group takes their diverse influences into the covers they choose as well, playing songs by artists such as The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age, Lorde, and many more. If it rocks, moves, or grooves, they’ve got you covered.

The band continues to grow, playing at festivals, colleges, and bars all over Illinois.

Faraz Chaudry-Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Ryan Mannix-Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Jordan Nettgen- Keyboards, Vocals

Carter Stirtz-Drums

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